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How are you going these days? How time flies! Welcome to****(地名) You can go by trainby plane. I’ll meet you at the station. I hope to see you soon. We will have a party. We can swim in the sea, run at the beach, or climb the beautiful mountains .We will have a wonderful time together, I think. Although we are far from each other, we are still good friends. You can also meet many people here, they are all very friendly. People here like sports very much. Young people prefer running and ball games, while old people enjoy dancing in the open air, because they think the fresh air is good for their health. I know you also like doing sports, so I am sure you will enjoy your trip here.



Lost and Found

I lost my****(丢失物品名称)at the gate of the station . I lost it when I was entering it. I found it was lost when I wanted to take it out of my pocket. It was a red one with some flowers on it. It was made of plastic. It was triangle. It is my favorite. My father gave it to me as a birthday present last year I like it very much. I always take it with me wherever I go. There are many important things in it, such as my ID card, my credit card, my family photo and some other things. They are important to me, but of course useless for you, so I think if you are kind enough, maybe you will return it to me. I will be very thankful if you can give it back to me .You can ring me up at 135467****(电话号码随便写).



Job vacancy

Are you between 21 and 25(年龄段,随便写) ? Are you young people who want to get some achievements in some other fields? Do you feel boring in your spare time? Do you get tired of the work that you have done for so many years? Would you like to meet some people, make some friends, and do something useful? If you want to live a quite different life, please come and join us. And it will be better if you are a female, because many of our guests are old and young. People think females are more patient than males. We also expect that you are able to speak good English so that you can communicate with our guests. However, lots of the people here come from different places of the world; it is good for your job if you know well about your hometown.

Call us at 5544****; you will get another door to success.




I saw the ****(物品名称) in your magazine last Thursday. It is a yellow one with some lovely animals on the face of the ****(物品名称). There is a very beautiful picture on the back of the****(物品名称). It is only 25 Yuan. My daughter really liked it, so I ordered one on the phone. But when I received the parcel this morning, I was surprised to see that something was wrong with it. It wasn’t a new one, it is different from the one I saw .How disappointed my daughter was! We wonder if you can change a new one for us. I think the little girl will be very happy. I wish you can give me an answer in one week, You can ring me up at 135467****(电话号码随便写),my address is**** (地址).thank you very much.



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